Suleymans Garden in Turkey 9-16th May 2016

Opening to Grace

Suleymans Garden is a shimmering jewel on the turquoise coast of Turkey and the combination of the terraced gardens, quaint wooden huts, stone yurts, meandering pathways and stunning views over the ocean gives one a sense of moving back in time.
As we gather on the Shala for early morning meditation nestled amongst the flowers and fauna with the dawn chorus resounding from the treetops, there is a sense of being in Sangha in the garden of Eden.
The retreat I am offering here is for those looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the practice, to let go of the false self and open to the true self, where we connect to our divine nature and begin to glimpse the interconnectedness of all life. The practice is strong and yet subtle and whilst there will be an offering of at least four hours of Asana each day (with one free day for exploring), my passion is for weaving in the deeper aspects of the practice, Meditation and Pranayama.


Sulleymans Garden 1
Sulleymans Garden 2
Sulleymans Garden 3

The retreat is open to those with years of experience or even those beginning, although a shorter weekend retreat with myself beforehand would be advisable to those new to the practice to familiarise themselves with the style I offer.
The mother energy runs deep within me and always brings a sense of nurturing and love to the flavour of the retreats. This combined with being so close to nature and the earth for our practice, eating delicious organic fruit and veggies from the gardens and bathing in the ocean, has a transformative effect on those attending and people leave feeling lighter, stronger and connected to themselves and others.

The retreat will offer participants the opportunity to sit in silence each morning opening to the new day and to connect with nature and the heart centre. The Meditation then flows into a Pranayama and Kriya session which allows the body to open in profound ways. This invites the perfect environment for the energy to flow for the Asana session which follows and the morning Asana is always flowing and dynamic.

The late afternoon practice will be a workshop style Asana session, moving into a short pranayama and always closing the day with Meditation.
I intuit the practice according to the individual as well as the group energy.
I look forward to hearing from you.

For more information please contact myself or check the Huzur Vadisi website and search the Suleymans Garden courses page.

If you would like to book a place on this retreat, a deposit (non refundable) of £250 is required to secure your place.

Your investment
  £750 twin or double accommodation
  £820 single  
En-suite room supplement:
  £50 pp for shared
  £100 for single occupation

Please arrange your own holiday insurance