Yoga Retreats

In listening to my heart and following my inner voice, I have decided to offer more retreats in 2016, as well as the weekly classes.
A weekly class is a wonderful way of maintaining a healthy body/mind but a retreat can be transformative. It allows the rare opportunity of giving time to ourselves, away from routines and schedules and all the distractions of daily life, giving us precious time to reflect and look inwards as well as deepening our awareness and understanding of the practice on every level. We return home feeling rejuvenated, calmer, stronger and able to embrace whatever lies ahead on our path with courage and strength, living the love and joy that is our true nature.

Nettlecombe Farm Retreat in March and October
Suleymans Garden Retreat
Abruzzo Italy Retreat
Casa Solara Ibiza Retreat
Huzur Vadisi
Coming soon for New Year

Please have a look at the retreats on offer and get in contact with me if you have any questions or would like to book (